Two Droplets

Dear Readers,
I don’t exactly know how I stumbled on the following blog article this morning or why I know I must share this poor family’s story but, if you or anyone you know might know of anyone or anything that might help this family. Please, pass this on. Pass it on even if you don’t know how or why. Next, say a prayer and count your blessings. Make a conscious effort to be more grateful in your everyday lives. Finally, after you’ve done all of that, seriously think about the various substances that you use in your household. From the chemicals you use for cleaning to the foods you eat to the water you drink, even down to your personal hygiene products . It all matters.
Sincere Thanks!


Two droplets. It doesn’t sound intimidating. It actually sounds pretty harmless. Sometimes, however, two droplets is a unit of measure so enormous, so catastrophic, that it has the ability to forever change the course of life.

In June of 2010 my husband was a perfectly healthy 26 year old man. We were living life with our almost 3 year old daughter and our one year old triplets (two boys and girl). Life was as normal as it could be for a family with that sort of dynamic. On another one of our ordinary days, the bathroom sink became clogged. My husband used a widely sold drain cleaner in an attempt to fix the issue. He poured the chemical into a funnel placed in the pipe under the sink and that’s when it happened. Two droplets. The funnel burped and two droplets of the chemical hit the back of his hand…

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