More signs of spring

More of Mother Nature confirming the coming spring, flowers!! REALLY!  I saw daffodil buds, quince flowers, and even speedwell’s popping in the lawn. You’ll have to look super close at the speedwell’s; those babies are TINY!


I also, in between art, went down to the creek today.  If you remember, sometime around Christmas, we had some major storms that brought the lake up 25 feet practically over night.  They opened the flood gates about a month ago and today we are at 5 ft above normal.  The layout down at the bottom has changed drastically.  In one area, the flow has completely switched sides.  It’s crazy to see the changes in person

Above is of the same area.  The creek has moved from running to the left of the gravel bar to splitting the gravel bar right down the middle.  Further up has changed too.  The initial rush of water washed tons of gravel down stream and eroded the high banks.  Near our swimming hole there is a tree whose roots have been almost completely exposed.  I was riding past when I saw it and didn’t take a picture.

Down stream toward the lake has also changed.  Elevations and layouts have all changed.  It’s mind blowing to me 🙂


On the below picture, if you look close, you can see where the water sat at various levels in the trees.  it’s a bit trippy down there right now 🙂

This warm spell that we are having is going to bring out the morels soon too.  But, as much as I like this early spring weather, I also know that it’s not good news for the natural world…  This early warm weather is forcing plants and flowers to blossom early which means they are susceptible to any late season frost.  I learned from my Walnuts last year that this could mean pretty flowers but, no fruit.   So, let’s pray it stays this nice all of the way thru 🙂


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