Spring is comming!

You heard right!  The chickens told me a few days ago when they started laying again.  You see, chickens stop laying during the short days of winter and resume when the days start to get longer.  my ladies started laying again this week 🙂  They all started molting and quit laying in November but, all of a sudden I had 6 eggs waiting on me on Monday 🙂

I haven’t talked about the chickens in a while.  The Cheeps have gotten huge!

20160125_121435 This is Eleven, he turned out to be an Easter Egger rooster  🙂  Yay, Blue egg gene!  Isn’t he gorgeous!


In the background you can see Scarlet (speckled) and Mable (black) as well as Rhett (Red rooster in the other pen) and Olivia (grey hen in other pen. Under my new waterer, on this side, Seven (red hen).  Seven, if you remember, is my other cheep.  She hasn’t started laying yet but, Eleven is crowing so I bet she starts soon 🙂

Speaking of the waterer, I finally got around to making it this winter.  It was super simple!  We happened to have that blue barrel with the spigot already on it.  I bought the nipples at the feed store months ago.  The nipple package tells you what size drill bit to use (I can’t remember)  So, I simply drilled four holes in the side of the barrel.  I wrapped Teflon tape around the nipple threads to prevent leakage, then I screwed the nipples in.  After, I cut a snug hole thru the chicken wire between pens and used a chain to hang it with.   I wrapped each end of a long chain around each end of the barrel (one end of the chain per side).  I then put a good, sturdy, bicycle type screw hook into the overhead cedar post.  We kept it close to an upright post for support because a full barrel of water is really heavy.  I hung the apex link of the chain from the hook in the overhead beam.  Voila! 🙂  The chicken wire keeps it from twisting and each pen gets two nipples.   The chickens seem to love it and my only complaint is that the nipples still freeze in the cold 😦

In other news, I sold my first piece on my Etsy store!  and, the lake is going down again 🙂


I am also a little upset with myself this week.  I had set a goal to finish up two trees on canvas to get posted this week.  All I have to do is put them in frames and take pictures.  Since I didn’t do it, I’m counting on a few of you to keep me accountable 😉 One of the pictures is kind of an Ode to NWI… here’s a preview


Thanks for reading!

Hope you all have a great weekend 🙂



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