Dream. Dream Big.

(The below quote is borrowed from girlwithlashes@wordpress.com who wrote the source article.  She inspired me and reminded me of something I had almost forgotten.  Thanks Girl!)

 “Forgive me if you are a Law of Attraction coach or expert, but I’m going to attempt to talk about your field of expertise and I’m going to try and do it justice.”

Source: Smile, and the world will smile back.

I stumbled on the above blog post this afternoon.  you should read it, the writer does a good job of explaining The Secret.   Basically, if you’ve never seen/heard of it, it is about the Law of Attraction, as she said.  The Law of Attraction basically says like attracts like.  Ask and you shall receive (I think that’s from the Bible).  I whole-heatedly and firmly believe this is true.  I even have an example 🙂

The first time I ever watched The Secret was about one month before our move to BearBottom Acres.  Infact, I believe, our move was directly because of my “Secret” experiment.    Go ahead, think me silly…

After watching the video I thought, “eh, give it a try, see what happens”  So I did.   I don’t remember the exact date we watched but it must have been the later part of January 2014.   I made it a point that evening to write down my dreams.  (If you don’t ask, you don’t receive) Each and every day  I declared my dreams and that they were mine and I would succeed.  I was diligent.

I know you won’t believe it but, it really truly worked.  Within a few weeks of watching the video and being diligent about asking for what I wanted.  We not only found our dream property but with in 3 weeks of finding it, we were signing on the dotted line!

That’s really not all though.  The entire experience was surreal!  See, while we were always browsing Realtor.com and we constantly found neat properties, we had not found “the one”. After The Secret and finding BearBottom, we almost didn’t try for it but someone stepped in and encouraged us.  We ran into issues, mostly funding issues because it was a foreclosure so there were stipulations to be approved for the loan.  Part of our dream was no debt so really, loans would not have fulfilled it.  In the end, by some fluke, we literally had a check in our hand to purchase the property out rite.  Amazing! and I still barely believe it.

On January 31st of 2014 we were not seriously considering moving, it didn’t seem plausible or feasible or even possible, it was only a dream.  and on March 7th were were moving!  5 weeks.   It was crazy!  It was the best, craziest, leap of faith move we’d ever made.

And, I’m so glad we did it 🙂

I’m also so glad I stumbled on the original posters blog today.  I needed a reminder 🙂

Be a dreamer!  But more importantly, be a doer.  Go Do your dreams!  you won’t regret it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Dream. Dream Big.

  1. Hey Lacey. Thanks so much for talking about my blog. I’m brand new to blogging and this was only my second one. So thank you for the encouragement. I loved reading your story about how LOA has worked for you. I’m so grateful I found the Law Of Attraction! xx

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    • Your welcome, Michaella. Thanks for writing it. exactly what I needed this afternoon 🙂 I went back to read who you were and discovered your from wales. You have no idea how exciting that is for me… my grandmother was born there. I always say that’s where my creative side is from 🙂 Keep following your dreams, I can tell you have tons of awesomeness to offer the world 🙂


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