Fabulous architecture and dead batteries…

So, I’m sure from the title you can see where this is going… Mike and I went out on Sunday and did our usual exploring. We drove down into Milwaukee from our hotel in Germantown via US 41 and as soon as we got off of the highway there were things to take pictures of.

Miller Park

It was a horribly rainy day so rather then walk downtown we decided to drive and take pictures from the window which means, as you can tell from previous driving photo entries, that the pictures aren’t spectacular but I think they still get the overall picture across.


As we were driving around we quickly noticed the differences between Milwaukee and Chicago. Chicago, as anyone can tell you, has a lot of traffic; Milwaukee almost seemed empty by comparison. Chi-town is also much taller then Mil-town and has many more police driving around. The only cops we saw, aside from those obviously on their way to a fire, were a couple that were parked on some side roads. Something else we noticed while exploring was that Milwaukee has some amazing architecture. Chicago does too, but Miwaukee’s architecture is much more prominent and, seemingly, more diverse. We saw a lot of German influence as well as some Greek, Roman and Egyptian. I’m sure there are other influences as well however, I’m no architect so I don’t really know the differences and influences. What I do know, is the city was beautiful and unique.

dscn2325-comp.JPG Mil-town Market dscn2333-comp.JPG dscn2340-comp.JPG dscn2336-comp.JPG

dscn2342-comp.JPG dscn2348-comp.JPG dscn2353-comp.JPG dscn2354-comp.JPG dscn2356-comp.JPG And then…

The batteries died :-/ You’d think, by this point, that wouldn’t happen to me anymore. And, shouldn’t! But, who would have thought that rechargeable batteries don’t come fully charged!?! Maybe just me…

Anyway, there is a lot more for me to see in Milwaukee… This time, I’m sure I’ve got plenty of juice 😉 Hopefully the weather will also cooperate 🙂

As Always…



(C) 2007 Lacey Finchum




2 thoughts on “Fabulous architecture and dead batteries…

  1. As a former Milwaukeean and current Madisonian, I’m thrilled to see photos of these landmarks, I’ve seen the photos of the coasts and the mountains, so I enjoyed my mini-tour in the Midwest. Now go get batteries and show me more.


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