Over the bridge and thru the UP… eh.

This is going to be another photo entry… mostly because I don’t know the words to do justice to the U.P. (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) But first, a little background… I attended college in the UP and fell in love with it, the land is simply breathtaking. It’s a completely different place then lower MI and like no other I’ve ever seen. It is a “Must See” for USA travelers.

So, Saturday we took out to go exploring the Cheboygan/upper Michigan area and had a fantastic day. The day started off a little foggy, passed thru rainy and ended with an amazing sunset.  Most of the pictures are from the truck window so they’re not my best quality… we’ll save quality for the Flickr feed to the right…

Enjoy the show!

Mackinac Bridge











Back across the bridge…


And Back Again

I hope you all enjoyed the UP as much as we did.

As Always,

Happy Meandering!


2 thoughts on “Over the bridge and thru the UP… eh.

  1. Great photos! Yes, that’s where I grew up! I’ve written two books about growing up in the U.P. “The Wishing Years” and “A Tree Grows in Trout Creek.” There no place in the world like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! You’ve captured it very well! Come visit and read more about hometown experiences!


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