Motel-in it… in review

We’ve been in motels for about a month now and I haven’t mentioned once how this change is treating us. I suppose now, in an attempt to make up for my lack of recent posts, is a good time to update you.

Our first motel/hotel was the Fleetwood Inn, Cheboygan, MI which was very nice but a little too pricey for our strict budget. We only stayed one night there. Though, if we’d had a boat, this would have been an exceptional place because they have private docks out back.

Misty Morning River

Next stop was the Continental Inn, also in Cheboygan. CI was quite pleasant and the owners gave us an exceptional deal. Also, it was 2 blocks from work which made for a nice change from 20 minute drives. It gave us a chance to have lunches together and me to have the truck more days.

Cheboygan River

After passing thru NWI, we went to Milwaukee where despite the decent deal we received, we were forced to forgo our budget and stay at the Super 8 in Germantown which was still a bit out of our league. (it’s one thing to stay in a $60-80+ place for vacation or if the company is paying but long term calls for cheaper deals) This was the closest/cheapest place to the job site. It was kinda strange in this area… we found quite a few motels but they were all out of business???

On the corner of State…

From Milwaukee we came here, to Detroit. I’m not going to say our exact location since we’re still here but, I will say that I’m seriously unimpressed… It’s the kind of place you stay at for a long term stay, not because it’s nice or clean or in a good area, but because it’s cheap and has a kitchenette so we don’t have to eat out all the time… Which, BTW, is nice… the ridiculous amount of fast food we’ve been eating is really starting to show :-/

And still they smile

So, here we are in D-town… able to cook again, but over the novelty of living in motels. I’m ready to be back in my 5er anytime. Not to mention, I miss my dog 😦 But, mom and dad are taking real good care of her and she’s thrilled to be able to chase squirrels at her whim 🙂

and now for some long awaited pics from D-town…

~Happy Meandering~

I don’t know but it should be something suggestive Lights from D-town

 MI-dbi-308-AB comp

DSCN2602 DSCN25741

MI-dbi-0308-290211 comp


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