Taking it all in stride

Well, I guess I asked for it yesterday…. I got all philosophical with meandering definitions and really, I knew I was asking for it.

The day didn’t start off too bad, we piddled around and took care of a few smallish tasks.  I did paperwork and M washed off Jr’s engine so we could make sure that valve cover wasn’t leaking.  After washing the engine, Jr. started right up but when we went to take him down to the lake he wouldn’t start. So we tooled around under the hood for a bit.  We checked the battery and I cleaned and reseated the battery terminals.  I’d been meaning to do that for a year.  Eventually he started up again and we ran down to the neighbors.  No problem.

After the neighbors we came back and picked up the dogs and headed down to the lake.  Jr. started just fine several times.  As we were getting ready to leave the lake, the issue reappear.  Clicking in the starter and no turnover.  This time though, we were parked on a bit of a hill so the pressure was on.  We pushed Jr. up the hill a bit to a flatter spot and started back at wiggling wires.  More clicking…. M headed up to the house to get “Bucky Buckboard”, the big truck, while I kept fidgeting with Jr.

M returned with Bucky, we hooked up Jr and thought we were free and clear.  Nope… started to head up the hill and suddenly “POP!  PSssssshhhhhh”  Dang cedars!!  One little stub of a branch punctured Bucky’s sidewall. AAAAAaaaaarrrrrggggg!!!

It was almost dark so there wasn’t much else to do… We walked the half mile up to the house and we both called it an early night.

But hey, I didn’t title this entry “How to get pissed and make matters worse,”  Rather, we’re “taking it all in stride.”  With half smiles on our faces and our boot straps pulled up, we’re headed down to change Bucky’s tire and pull Jr back to the house.

Hope your yesterday was better then ours and your today is magnificent!



UPDATE: Retrieval went smoothly. Jr still doesn’t start which, ironically, is slightly satisfying.


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