Don’t drink the water!

Now that the New Albany job is FINALLY over, we’ve moved on to a town in Ohio. Though Mike is working in Cleveland, we’re staying in town called Brunswick, about 30 minutes or so from downtown. It’s a quiet and nice, family style RV park with a fishing lake AND a swimming lake (complete w/ cement sides). When driving into the park you will notice that it seems to be quite full and that is because most of the people keep their trailers here all of the time.

Now, I would say that this is a great place to stop if you: A) have kids, B) are only staying over night, or C) plan to spend most of your time exploring the cities and towns surrounding it BUT, for me, personally, I’m unimpressed… I mean, as most of you know, I love to spend my time hiking and photographing wildlife but, there isn’t much of that here… Also, DON”T drink the water!! or give it to your pet or brush your teeth with it… the water here has a very high iron count and tastes awful!

So, if your traveling thru Cleveland go ahead and check out Willow Lake… it’s the closest stop you’ll find to the city. But please, oh please, don’t forget your bottled water!


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