3 states in a day!

We had a most fabulous weekend that I absolutely must share with you all!

But first, a few notes on Cleveland and why I’ve not written much about it… Basically, Cleveland sucks! From the roads to the people to the businesses it is a hard place to be. For example, I went on an excursion last week to Hinckley Reservation. I had driven past it before and knew approximately where I was going (even though I came into the area from a different direction then normal.) But, it took me more then an hour to find it because the roads are named differently at either end…or another example, Weymouth road branches off in 3 different directions and even seems to run paralel to instelf in some areas. I know this sounds absurd… Your probably thinking that I simply didn’t know where I was going and don’t want to admit that I was lost. Wrong! I found where I had intended on going and then passed Weymouth road 3 times on the way out. We even came accross a point in our travels where the road said it was Rt.277… the map listed no such road. I suppose i have endless complaints about Cleveland but, that’s not why I’m writing. So, back to the begining…

We had a most fabulous weekend this weekend!!!

Saturday morning Mike decided he wanted to go see this little reservoir that sits on the state lines of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Pymatuning Reservoir was quite a nice lake. The most interesting part is the road that crosses over the center of it. Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it. Anyway, we drove around the reservoir until we reached the southern point and then decided we didn’t really want to go home yet so we were going to drive south a little further. By that time though, we were pretty close to West Virginia so… on we went.

We passed a plethora of little towns, over more then a hundred creeks and rivers and thru/over numerous mountains. The entire trip was FANTASTIC! By the evening we were getting quite tired and decided to go ahead and stay at some little motel (we were hoping to sleep in West Virginia) but the last town in WV didn’t have a little motel (unless we wanted to stay in a hotel downtown) so we drove on to the next town…

We ended up staying at Twin Pines Motel in St.Clairsvill, OH and had some very good smoked ribs from a little BBQ cart called Houstons. The only real complaint we have over either dinner or the motel was that the bathtub wouldn’t hold water… Mike was soo looking forward to a nice hot bath… but oh well, we slept great and even got to watch a little cable. πŸ™‚

Below are some of the pictures from our trip… I’ve tried to label them as best I could. The quality isn’t the best but remember, the majority of the photos were taken from a moving vehicle πŸ™‚

Enjoy and…

Happy Meandering!!

Our route (jotted in our Road Journal)…

“9/29 East to Pymatuning Resevoir
Ohio photos <15
Pennsylvania >16

58E to Greensville past Thiel College, thru Shandango Valley then to Mercer, PA (Mercer town hall #36)

19S thru leesburg, trhu Zelienople (the Lionshead)

West on 68 thru Rochester PA. (Freddy’sHaunts.net) Thru Beaver PA on the Ohio River.

Follow the river west thru Midland (nuke pland) Crossed into WV via the US30 bridge into Chester, WV…. Rt. 2 south…

Back into Ohio… stayed at Twin Pines Motel in East Richland(?) no… St. Clairsvill and ate Houston’s BBQ (located in the BP parking lot)

Left about 8:30am… 331 west to 22. Quick stop at Piedmont Lake…

Back home by noon.”

Photos in next post….


One thought on “3 states in a day!

  1. We’re in South Detroit now, and have been since October and I just realized why… because I had to be shown bad to know that Brunswick/Cleveland was heaven. What a change of tune, eh? Yes, that area of Ohio definitely has some issues, but for the most part, it was beautiful; it was like day/night, Winter/summer compared to South Detroit.

    The lessons to be taken from this:
    “Everything depends on perspective/focus.”
    “No matter how bad you think it is now, it could always be worse.”
    “If you focus on the negative, you will only see negativity: Focus on the positive and you’ll notice a world of difference.”


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