Back in the groove

Fell out of step for  a few weeks while working on a side project and am finding it a bit difficult to step back into my flow.  To help, I’ve been sketching and doodling with a new medium; pastel.  Mostly just experimenting this week and working up to a commission piece in a couple weeks.  I suspect I’ll have my momentum back soon 🙂

Don’t you just love experiments 🙂


First, I played with acrylics used like water color.  Then, I used some pastels. It all looks a bit childish/amateurish but, with the landscape, the pastels are beginning to grow on me.

I also kinda like the mix of the two in my version of drippy rain girl though, they all need lots of improvement.    Any suggestions on how to improve? (besides more practice 🙂  )


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