Well, we’re still in the Detroit area and it sounds like we’re going to be here thru Christmas, atleast.   But, since we’ve got all of Thanksgiving week off, we’re going to use the first part to see family in NWI.  We have to see M’s brother and family before they head off to Korea in a few weeks.  Also, I need to see my family so they aren’t sore that we won’t be there for Turkey day.   Then we’re headed to Southern Indiana for what might be the best feast we’ve ever been too 🙂   Needless to say, we’re both quite excited.

So, for this week I hope to finish our new page (I know I said that last week but it’s been more difficult then I’d hoped…) and get some D-town photos posted for you .

And, if all goes well, you should see a whole new look for us as well as a preview of some new projects we’ve been working on.

In the meantime, we hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving, however you choose to celebrate and give thanks… And, as always….

~Happy Meandering~


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