The Eye

Last night I added my newest painting in the series “Water Bodies” to my Fine Art America and RedBubble stores.  The original is not for sale at this time but it is available as prints, mugs, pillows and phone cases thru either of those stores. (I like prints at FAA and products at Redbubble (so far)

This painting is called “The Eye”  as in, the eye is the window to the soul.  I didn’t pick the name at first, it developed as I developed the sunset.  As I painted, it began to look like an eye.  It seemed a perfect name because part of the painting was intentionally designed to look like a window.  Part of the scene is thru the window but part of it is outside of that view.  Just because you perceive something to be one way doesn’t mean it is.  There is often more of the story hidden just out of view.

The Eye.jpg

I really enjoyed this piece because the figures and the sky both seemed to develop themselves.  As I began to put in the paint and the shapes each figure started to develop features.  Some figures are together and some are separate.  Some are facing the sun, the light, and others are turning from it. I really can’t wait to get this piece framed properly, I think it’s gonna be fantastic!

Thanks for checking out my work!



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