eCommerce mistakes

For the past several weeks I have been signing up for all of the free e-commerce, marketing,  business school freebies that I come across.  I realized pretty quickly after launching my Etsy store that a) I have no idea what I’m doing and b) I better figure it out or I’ll never sell a thing.

Yesterday, I discovered that I am making every mistake possible  :-/

First, I didn’t start my business with proper branding.  Branding is important because it turns  your backyard business into a real professional looking business.  With proper branding you, theoretically, can go from charging dollar store prices to boutique prices.  Proper branding is how people recognize and remember your business.

Second big mistake I am making is that I get so excited over my newest painting that I want to put it out there immediately.  In reality, I shouldn’t be doing that.  In reality, I should have the item already in my stores before I show you what it is.   The reason I’m supposed to be showing things is to drive traffic to my stores.

Third mistake:  My third big mistake is a combination of things that are keeping me from selling art.  First, make sure that the images of your art are good, high quality pictures.  This high resolution images make it so that you can have nice prints of your work.  Prints and printed products are important because more people can afford to purchase those items then the original paintings.  Also, selling prints and printed products is a way to continually generate income off of your one creation.  It is how to automate and expand your art business into something that generates more money and requires less work.  But, none of that matters if you don’t know how to market your products.

These are not the only mistakes I am making either.  Ugh!  But, these are some of the biggies that I’ll be trying to resolve first.

How is your business going?  Are you making some of these same mistakes?

Is your art business profitable?  Are you making more money then the effort you put in?

I hope you are and, if not, maybe you are making some of the same mistakes I am.

I’d love to hear from you!

What are some of the mistakes you are/were making and how did you go about fixing them?



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