Sometimes, move on…

I told ya’ll the other day about that car I’ve been working on.  Well, I QUIT!  I was getting to where I didn’t even want to look at it anymore.  So, today, I took it off the easel and put it on the shelf.  Maybe I’ll come back to it or, maybe I won’t.

Instead, I pulled out one of my new canvas panels to try something a little more free and easy 🙂

I call it a figurative landscape but I don’t know if that is actually a genre/style or not.  Oh well 🙂


“Mother Earth” Acrylic on 11×14 canvas panel


I just love it!  and it was much less stressful then that dang car 😉  I’m thinking of a series of similar paintings… We’ll see how the others turn out 🙂

Thanks for looking!


P.S.   Prints, mugs and phone cases are available in my Fine Art America or Redbubble stores. 😉



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