An especially trying painting…

I have been working on this painting for a couple weeks now.  It has surprised and angered me several times so far and last night, I re did the main part of it for the 3rd or 4th time…

If you’ve been following my journey at all, you know that I mostly do landscapes.  I love nature and have found the subjects involved to be very forgiving for this newbies eye and hand.  A tree is not a straight line and flower petals don’t have to be perfect to be believable.  Conversely, man made objects are not nearly as forgiving.  A building, to be believable, has to have straight and consistent lines or it might as well be a rock.

My latest piece is a stray away from my usual landscapes.  I’ve tossed the idea around several times and yet, shied away because I knew the details would be more difficult to master.  Then, I stumbled on a local fair/show that I thought I might be interested in attending.  The show is at an old car club nearby.  I happen to have access to a bunch of old cars parked in the woods.  I also kinda love old cars.  Seems like a good idea, no?

By Image 3 row 1, I thought I was nearing done.  The next morning I took a really good look at it vs my reference and…. It now looks more like number 6… Ugh!  I do believe I have a better handle on this one now… not perfect, but better… This piece is beginning to turn into a nemesis… I will conquer it! lol

Enjoy your struggles.  They only make you better 🙂



4 thoughts on “An especially trying painting…

  1. I know that struggle…….. I like to say that “I embrace it” to conquer it! You’ll learn so much and it will have been worth the journey. 🙂 I remember struggling over a foreground with one of my now favorite paintings. I scrubbed it down at least 20 or more times and I got so angry but I stuck with it and now I love it and will not sell it. It will come together for you!

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