One of the main signs of spring around here is the blooming of the dogwood trees.  These trees are gorgeous.  Their big white four petal flowers with little pinches in the tips of the petals and the large center portion sprinkle the woodland canopy with splashes of white..   This year, M and I set out to mark all of the dogwoods on our property so that we don’t accidentally cut them down on our quest for firewood.

Dogwoods signify many things in spring.  Their blooming happens 2 weeks before the white bass start running in the creek and about the same time that the suckers start running.  This is the time of year that the creek below our house fills up with people fishing and camping.

I only have one complaint about this time of year and it has to do with those fishermen….  They clean their fish right on the bank and leave the carcasses for the buzzards and coyotes.  That’s fine and dandy but, it sure does make a stinky and unsightly mess…

Atleast the beautiful dogwoods nearly make up for it 🙂


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