Here on the homestead (and in many other areas of peoples lives) one of the biggest challenges we face is balance.   How do you balance the “want to’s”, “should do’s”, and “must do’s” in your life?


I knew from a very young age that I didn’t want to be a 9-5er in a “ticky tack” world.  I wanted more out of life then that.  I wanted to create my own ideal world where I could choose my day, work for myself, and feel successful in my pursuits.

Somewhere in my teen years I lost a bit of that childlike adventure seeking quality and felt I was supposed to do it the way everyone else does it.  I tried to do life “their” way and always felt like a miserable failure.

In my twenties, after “failing” at the typical way: college, marriage, career, I knew I had to do life my way.  All of those “wonderland” type of ideas I had as a kid were really the true me.  I had to pursue life my way.

It took many years of trial and error to find my path and, now that I’m here, the trial and error part comes back while I try to balance all of the various aspects of my life.

Being your own boss Being the captain of your own life means that you must be organized , disciplined, and focused in your pursuit but, HOW???

Know where you are going.   Have a plan, at least in your head, about how and why and where.

Stick to a schedule. It doesn’t really matter what schedule but a schedule is pertinent.  Plan to spend a portion of your day doing each of the “should do,  want to, and must do” activities in your life.  Once you have a schedule and have stuck to it for a little while, it becomes easier and easier.  Soon, your body adapts to your environment.  You will adapt to a certain wake up time and bed time.  You will begin to instinctively know that now is art time or garden time or housekeeping time.

Be flexible.  Part of the reason you wanted to do life your way is so that you could do what you want, when you want.  Sometimes you will have to break your schedule.  Life doesn’t happen when we have nothing else planned. It happens when we are too busy or have too much going on and yet, we must deal with life as it happens.

Do.  Every day, DO.  Spend a portion of everyday doing what you love.  Be it painting or gardening or reading or whatever.  Do.  Do because simply doing will make you better.

As I type this, I think about my life of homesteading and art but these simple guidelines are pretty fitting to just about anyone.  Find balance and pursue your passions.  Live your life to the fullest.  Do your life, YOUR way!

Happy Meanding!



6 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Love this! My biggest problem in life is I have never figured out what I want to do or be when I grow up. Now I’m more than half way through my life. Have never had a goal or a plan. Whatever happened, happened. We see how that works out. My biggest accomplishment in this world is you and Brittaney. You both have turned out so perfectly! I know the reason you two are doing so well accomplishing goals is probably, largely because you didn’t like seeing me floating in an ocean with no clear view in sight. If that is true, that is my biggest accomplishment. It made you two better people. Love you two from the deepest core of my heart!!😍 😂 😄 😘

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