Four Seasons

I don’t really want to tell you about the homestead this week.  It’s been a rough week for us and I don’t want to tell you about problems with out solutions…

Rather, I’m gonna tell you about a problem with a solution 🙂

Back in December I had an idea for a four seasons piece with my wire trees on canvas.

I sketched out my idea and went to work.

Idea: four seasons is pretty self explanatory, right?  I started with four 5/7 canvases.  I knew I wanted the sky and hills to continue across all four pieces.  I also wanted the trees to be very similar.  The sky was my favorite part;  Sunrise thru to sunset.

I started to lay out the hills and sky and work on the first batch of trees. It was an ok start but the trees were awful!


I worked on trees and just looked at it for several weeks before I worked on the sky.


After the sky, I didn’t touch it for a couple weeks.  I was so proud of the sky I didn’t want to mess it up 🙂


I messed it up… it just wasn’t coming together.  too dull and cut out.  nothing about it made me want to look at it.  20160215_164600

I thought maybe adding something to the foreground would help.


It didn’t….  I sent it off for a friend to look at.  She didn’t even respond!  and, Thank God (and computer glitches)!  With no response from one of the nicest people I know, I knew I had to fix it. (turns out, she never even saw it…)

This is the truly scary part… I went in and whited out the whole bottom half of each piece!


Finally though, it did start to come together and, I am so pleased!



So, do you think I should frame them together or individually?



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