Meandering Monday – Love

I was thinking of this post Sunday morning as I was running the hounds to the creek and then later as we scoped out our hunting areas. Almost every morning I run the dogs and almost every morning it’s the same.

With Ro in the lead and Mei or Boo trailing behind, we race down the trails from the house. 20150326_125018We pass Cougar Lookout  while “Big man” and “Little man” fight for the lead.  Mei trails behind as we roll down around the pond and thru the gate.  As we level out in the saddle, Mei picks up speed.  Ro and Mei run neck and neck in the lead as we pass the Lower Road but begin to loose steam by the fishing hole turn.  As we round the last bend in the wood everyone comes back together and we all hit the mud hole about the same time.

We then cross the ditch to the plateau and stop for a moment at the20151007_113128 swimming hole so that the dogs can play in the water.

After a short swim, we race back up the other side of our peninsula, past the house, to the field above the house where I have the greatest view of the river valley and mountain ridge beyond.

I love our daily runs.   It gets my blood pumping. After racing thru the dim woods, we land at the swimming hole with the bright sun on our faces and the bluffs stretching up in front of us.  I am in love!

I love that I can end our daily runs at the place I call my one yet

Every day is almost the same and I love it!  Except, some days something is different.  Some days, as we level out in the saddle, Boo takes the lead.  Those days are the best. Those days I get to remember that sometimes “The little guy” wins.



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