Cheep CHEEEP! 2 WeeEEks!

The Cheeps are two weeks old today!


Their wing feathers are mostly in and they are starting to get feathers on their chests.  They are very active and bouncing and scratching all over.  They talk CONSTANTLY.

About two days ago I updated their brooder to a larger tote so they have plenty of room to move around and now they are jumping all over.

Actually, I’m starting to think they are both roosters because of the way they jump at each other. Unfortunately, I can’t keep a bunch of roosters.  So, if they are, I will keep the lighter colored one because he has the blue egg gene.  If they are both roosters, poor number seven will eventually end up dinner.  Or, atleast, that is the plan.  We’ll see if I can do it when the time comes…

20151003_062901 As for number 11, He (if he’s a he) will get to be head of his own flock so that I can push that blue egg gene because, well, blue (and green) eggs are awesome! 🙂


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