First year in review: part one

Then plan between M and I has always revolved around one day moving to AR.  M grew up there and I fell in love with it during my first visit.  The water is so clear!

20150816_134642We’ve always wanted a place that we could potentially live a virtually self-sustained life.  Our own land, animals, gardens and water.

The place we found last spring was perfect!

One year in and we still believe that to be true however, if I’d say anything about our preconceived notions, it would be that time moves faster and projects often take longer then we guessed. We weren’t delusional as some have been before us.  We completely expected hard work, unexpected setbacks, and unforeseen expenses.  We did miscalculate some on how far along we would actually be at this point, not terribly, but some.

We purchased the property without having physically inspected it but we did do pretty thorough research otherwise.  We knew there was a working well and there seemed to be working plumbing. The pressure tank in the well house looked new-ish.  We knew we would have a good start even if there were tons of repairs to be made.

There were repairs… The place had been empty for some time and the forest was beginning to swallow parts of it up.  The first year consisted mostly of clearing debris, cutting back brush, and repairs.  In looking back, I wish we’d made it a point to get chickens and gardens started right off the bat but really, we were pretty overwhelmed.

There weren’t tons of repairs but there were definitely some.  The very first thing we noticed was the sagging roof. UH OH! it’s not leaking yet but it will soon enough.  We’ve already purchased the materials but won’t be able to get someone out for the job until we finish cutting back the drive.  To date I’d say we’re half way there.


The drive is two miles long thru pasture and woods.  The last mile to the house is what needed cleared the most.  When we drove down in the U-Haul and 5th wheel we scratched and scrapped the entire way.  No contractor I can think of would scratch up his truck for a little job like ours.  But, like I said, we are half way there.


Stay tuned for part two and a tribute post as well.

Happy Meandering!



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