Meandering… A Brand New Adventure!

I know, I know,  years between posts is kinda ridiculous but really, who wants to read about “nothing exciting here”?

Well, here is some exciting for you, we’ve moved!  No, really, we left the little house in Indiana and finally, truly,  really made it to Arkansas!  I think it was a God move.  We’d been pushing for it for years and then last February everything just fell into place.  We found our dream property and miraculously also had the funds to purchase it out rite! Thank you Lord for putting people in our lives to make our dreams come true! Oh, and a big, big thanks to a man we’ll call RJ.  without that guy, this wouldn’t have happened.

So, without further adieu, the moment you’ve been waiting for…..


that, m’dears, is my backyard!  No, really, it’s not a park and  I’m not floating a random river.  I live there…

then suddenly malfunction….

check back soon

happy meandering…


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