Alien Sightings

Two things happened today to inspire me to write this post but neither of them was an actual alien (UFO) sighting, that happened some time ago…

What did happen today was, as I said, two strange coincidences… first, while searching for a better way to present the “Meandering…Gallery” I stumbled upon this dandy little widget that has geotagged various UFO sightings and links you to their actual reports.

Unfortunately I can’t post the widget here… it doesn’t work right… but, I can link you… UFO Maps
As I was being sidetracked by all of the stories, one sparked a memory of what I now believe to be my first visual confirmation… On the big Y2K New Year, a friend and I were on our way to the festivities when we saw two or three brilliant, blue flashes on the horizon that lit up the entire sky. At the time we both kinda joked about the flashes as being the beginnings of the “Y2K meltdown” but after some of the reports I read I don’t know…

Now for the second strange thing of the day… A few hours later, an old friend of mine wrote me and mentioned that he was reading something about Aliens and the year 2012. Now, I have some idea of what is predicted for the year 2012 but none of what I know has anything to do with Aliens and I’m still waiting to find out what he read (maybe he’ll be brave enough to share with all of us). But, all of this talk sparked another memory of mine…

This past June while at Charlestown State Park we were sitting around the campfire stargazing when we saw what at first resembled a shooting star. Within seconds we realized that it was not a shooting star, nor a plane… We saw 3 lights in the shape of a triangle that moved in unison across the sky. As a unit they seemed to twist and turn a little while gliding thru the air. We watched them for a good 3-5 minutes as they got further and further away before they finally disappeared. There were 3 of us around the campfire (we might have been the only people in the park) and all 3 of us saw the lights but one of us was so freaked out by the experience that he wouldn’t discuss it even a week later. Needless to say, he doesn’t believe in the paranormal… but, I sure do!! And, I love to hear and read about other peoples experiences with things like aliens and ghosts…

Speaking of ghosts, I’ll have to remember to share some of those stories with you sometime… but not right now…

Until then,
~Happy Meandering~


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