I read an article this morning that makes me feel much less concerned over my apprehension for letting hotel housekeeping come in to clean our room, atleast for a short (under 1 week) stay; I generally let them in once a week to vacuum and change linens.  Some of you may think this fear of housekeeping is irrational or silly but, I suspect, many more of you will probably feel the same way.

I hate to let housekeeping in to our room because I enjoy my privacy for one, but mostly because I’m affraid that something will be missing when I get back. Now, you may think I’m concerned my change cup will be gone or the 20 bucks I keep in my wallet might be missing… that’s not the case. i’m concerned that my laptop or printer or camera might be gone or, worse yet, some personal info might be stolen without me even knowing.

Sound irrational? Let me tell you a story…

When my sister and I were kids we went with our parents and much of my dad’s side of the family on a vacation to Myrtle Beach. We had rented a couple condo’s, with housekeeping, for the trip. I remember that we spent most of the days out exploring Myrtle Beach, buying souvenirs and having a great time. And every day, when we got home, the condo was clean, the beds made, and fresh towels abound. But, one afternoon we weren’t too pleased… My sister discovered she was missing her money that had been stashed in her wallet and hidden in her suitcase. Now, keep in mind that sis was only about 6 or 7 at the time so her $50 was a lot of money. She was devastated by the loss. Though the housekeepers were mentioned and suspected, mom and dad tried to convince her that she’d put her cash somewhere else and had now forgotten it’s hidding spot. I was pretty convinced it was the maids… Britt isn’t the type to forget where she put something, especially the cash she’d worked so hard to save.

Since then, I’ve never trusted hotel housekeeping… I do my best to keep them out of our rooms during our stays. I’m sure they hate this, especially since it cuts out of their tips. Which, BTW, makes me even less likely to let them in..

So, sorry to all of those people who make their living as housekeepers and count on their tips to survive (btw, I do try to leave a decent tip when we leave just to say thanks for understanding and respecting our privacy). It’s a shame that stereotypes are based on the bottom feeders… And, thank you to all of those decent, honest individuals who not only do a good job but must suffer because of their dishonest peers.


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