Well, dear readers, I must say that Cheboygan is my favorite stop so far (though, it doesn’t compare to the Upper Peninsula, eh). It’s very pretty here and (almost) all of the people we’ve met have been very nice. The river is quite clear (the muddy bottom gives it a darker color) and there are quite a few marina’s. It’s also the ferry port to Bois Blanc Island (which, I’m afraid, we won’t get to visit this time). There is a very cute downtown with lots of little shops (furniture, books, collectibles) and more then a couple pubs and restaurants. You also can’t miss the drawbridge over the river and the cute “artsy” park that was decorated by the Cheboyganian’s.

You can easily tell that Cheboygan is a touristy town by the number of hotels/motels here. We stayed our first night at one of the nicer hotels on the river frontMisty Morning River (picture from hotel balcony) and will spend the remainder of our stay at the only motel downtown. The motel location is quite a nice treat for us because the campgrounds are usually located more then 25 minutes from his Mike’s work whereas this time, it’s only 4 minutes round trip. Infact, I can see one of the marina’s, Mike’s work, the river (of course), and almost the US Coast Guard shack from our room. It’s really quite a shame that this, our shortest stop, is the most appealing place we’ve been….

So, if your ever in Cheboygan on a budget, be sure to stay at at the Continental Inn on Main street.  The owner’s are very nice and so are the rooms (big bath tubs too!)  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Other area attractions:

Mackinac Island
Mackinac Bridge
Boise Blanc Island
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Cheboygan State Park


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