Putting the 5er in storage

Just as we’d suspected/feared, The Company has sent us north for the winter which means the 5er is going in storage and we are condensing our lives a bit more for hotel living. I’m a bit apprehensive about this whole adjustment. I mean, it’s one thing to condense your stuff into your own 27×12 “house” where you still have all of your worldly stuff at your fingertips but a hotel is in no way like home. Though, I guess a hotel has it’s advantages too… no more grocery shopping and no more vacuuming or dishes. Another drawback, for me anyway, is that Charlie is not with us…atleast not for this short trip. We decided to leave her with mom and dad for the week.

The first leg of our winter travels will be to Cheboygan, Michigan. We will be about 15+ miles from Mackinac bridge and 20 or so miles from the UP (Upper Peninsula Michigan). I wish we were spending the whole time in the U.P. but I’m sure we’ll atleast take a trip up there.

Anway, wish us safe travels and decent rooms.

More from Cheboygan in the next day or so…

~Happy Meandering!


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