3 states in a day:The Pictures!

If you recall from the begining of this post, we took a fabulous 1 tank trip thru the tristate regions of OH, PA, and WV.

Here’s the proof we were actually there 😉Sailboat on Pymatuning

This is a sailboat on Pymatuning Reservoir. There were many boats on the lake this day.

Amish country

We stopped at a few pull-off areas around Pymatuning. As we were leaving we saw the second of many horse/buggy’s… Remember, this is Amish country.

crossing into PA

Notice the sign… it says Welcome to Pennsylvania 🙂

bridge at the other end of Pymatuning

South end of Pymatuning…where to next? Let’s head south

He likes it!

Mike did all of the driving. I had to share this shot…it’s so rare he smiles like this.

Mercer Town Hall

Mercer, PA townhall… like I said, shot #36 You could see this tower long before reaching town… it sticks up thru the trees on the top of a mountain. We passed thru town about 3:30 in the afternoon.

The iron bridge

Just before reaching this bridge, we passed a sign that said something about the old iron bridge…too bad I didn’t get a shot of that sign…


Even Charlie thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Zelienople Lion

This lion guards the town of Zelienople, PA

Leaving Rochester

Leaving Rochester. Next stop… Beaver

Beaver was probably one of the neatest towns we passed thru…

Beaver Post office… or town hall

Beaver Bowl

Beaver was also neat because it’s where a bunch of bridges cross that section of the Ohio River.

bridges 1 in Beaver


I think this house was still in Beaver… or maybe some town between there and Midland.

More cool buildings… I think this is still PA… somewhere after Beaver and before Midland…


Ah, finally, Midland….Nuke plant at Midland PA


Another bridge… this time into West Virginia… If you look in deep enough, you’ll see the sign.


on to New Cumberland…dscn2058-compressed.JPG

Then right thru the middle of industry.


Remember… Safety First!


My favorite shot from WV


Leaving WV…


…They’ll be sure to leave the light on for you 🙂

So, after a nice evening in our motel room, we left out bright and early the next morning…

The next shots are a fitting end to our trip… in fact, the batteries on the camera died imediately after snapping the last shot.


house boat on Piedmont Lake, Piedmont, OH

It was so awesome to peer out over this lake… the combo of the foggy morning and the mountains made you feel as if driving in the clouds.

Hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did… maybe you should take your own 1 tank ride next weekend.

As always…

Happy Meandering!!


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